Concept Video

Produced by the trio themselves, Talissa Bavaresco, Hana Kozuka and Asia Miller star on an all new dance concept video straight out of Brooklyn, New York.

Choreography and Concept: Hana Kozuka
Videography and Editing:
Talissa Bavaresco
Costume Design and Make Up: Asia Miller
Dancers: Hana Kozuka,
Talissa Bavaresco, Asia Miller
Music: Tower

PANORAMA Music Festival 2018

Talissa had the pleasure of returning to PANORAMA Music Festival as one of seven ‘Oracles’ in “Pixel Vortex”, the most popular installation at the 2018 TheLAB. This interactive dome, put together by the The Windmill Factory, had festival goers interact with pixel balloons in a colorful dance party. Meanwhile, other festival goers visited The Podium where a sensor captured their Aura and transformed it into color, which filled up the room ahead of them with the pixel balloons.


Concept/Direction:  Jon Morris
Production: Clementine Seely & Ana Constantino
Custom Inflatable “Osmos Pavilion” and Aura Podium Design: John Hilmes
Interactive Aura Sensor: Rob Godshaw with Ward Flemming’s pinscreens
Video & Lighting Design: Josh Higgason
Sound Design: Bobby McElver
Wireless LEDs: Lumigeek
Balloon Content/Design Technologist: Maxx Berkowitz

If that wasn’t amazing enough, all Pixel Vortex visitors were surprised once exiting the dome, by finding Polaroid Photos of themselves, taken during their time at the podium. The photos had each an unique colorful filter generated from each person’s Aura sensored at the dome. And to finish it off, once handed your photograph, the magical Oracles, or may I say Auricles, gave you a full expert reading of the aura on your photo!

Auricles: Tristan O’shea, Joe Trombino, Fisher Neal, Marianna Hoitt-Lange, Angelica Kushi, Talissa Bavaresco, Will O’Hare

Production Assistants: Aristo Ambatzidis & Juliana Leandra

Aura Photography: Will O’hare

The Table of Silence Project represents the common threads of humanity which unite all mankind into a single force with common goals and aspirations regardless of race, culture, or religion. Through this event, we wish to achieve the dual purpose of celebrating and honoring peace, through listening, a united moment of silence - a call for Peace in our world…
— Jacquilyn Buglisi

Photos: Kendall Carter and still shots from YouTube live-stream

9/11 Table of Silence Project 2018

The Table of Silence Project 9/11 is a multi-cultural prayer for peace, realized through a transcendent ceremony for 150 dancers swathed in white, that carries out the vision of choreographer Jacqulyn Buglisi and artist Rossella Vasta.

Talissa had the honor of joining Buglisi Dance Theater and the cast of 150 guest dancers to perform The Table of Silence on September 11th, 2018 at the Josie Robertson Plaza at Lincoln Center - New York City. The live-stream of the 2018 performance (made by Nel Shelby’s Productions) reached nearly 100,000 people worldwide.


IKEA to I Do! 

A surprise wedding video from Timothy Edwards to Joe Vigliotti. June 1st, 2018.

wedding photo.jpg

Director and Videographer: Mikal Din (Blackbird Pictures)

Choreographer: Timothy Edwards

Dancers: Lyndsey Arorash, Talissa Bavaresco, Aileen Carroll, Bryce Cox, Starr Dee, Maddison Hilton, Alexzandra Knapp, Hana Kozuka

Dance Education Laboratory 2018 at the 92nd Street Y

Invited by Dancer & Choreographer Nicole Wolcottwho co-facilitated the event with Taryn Vander Hoop, Talissa was one of the professional dancers "infiltrated" in the DEL Movement Sentence Choir on March 2018. Assisting miss Wolcott on demonstrations and helping taking the lead on movement exercises, Talissa had a blast being part of this workshop, bringing dance together for everyone. 

Photos by John Suhar Photography

KIMBRA at Park Avenue Armory Gala 2017

Talissa had the honor of sharing this event with 50 other NYC professional dancers, performing alongside artist Kimbra for HAPPENING! - Park Armory Gala 10th Anniversary! In a work set by Larry Keigwin (Keigwin + Co), the dancers joined the Headlining Artist for her grand finale act, in a flash-mob style performance! Watch 'Part 2' for a Behind the Scenes insight on Kimbra's experience with the Dancers! 

Flash Mob America Event

Talissa was one of ten selected professional dancers to lead a flash mob performance at a BASF conference in Hamburg, NJ.

Directed by Flash Mob America and JoiLynn Production.

Professional Dancers Talissa Bavaresco and Hana Kozuka

Professional Dancers Talissa Bavaresco and Hana Kozuka

Flash Mobs Go Corporate

Companies are paying thousands of dollars for “impromptu” mobs to spice up conferences and sales meetings. (...) Flash Mob America, which stages events at corporate conferences and trade shows, began in 2009 after a group of friends put on a flash-mob tribute to Michael Jackson, which went viral.
— The Wall Street Journal

PANORAMA Music Festival 2017

Talissa was a featured Performer in the PanoramaLAB at PANORAMA Music Festival of 2017. She performed all three festival days in "Right Passage" with The Windmill Factory.

Photos by Will O'Hare

Photos by Will O'Hare

It was like interactive theatre meeting modern dance in a futuristic art museum. A spectacle that captured my imagination.
— Engadget, Rolling Stone

Concept/Director: Jon Morris  Producer: Ana Constantino

Original Score: Steve Nalepa and Adam Freeland from The Acid

Scenic/Lighting Designer: Maruti Evans                   

Lighting Programmer/Designer: Dan Alaimo             

Sound Design: Bobby McElver Sound Assistant: Keenan Hurley

Scenic Choreographer: Tyler Gilstrap                             

Stage Managers: Anne Haney & Will O’Hare       

Production Coordinator: Juliana Leandra                 

Female Cast: Mary Kate Sheehan (dance captain/swing), Khadija Griffith, Alexzandra Knapp, Geneva Jenkin, Talissa Bavaresco, Sarah Dodd, Ayesha Jordan // Male Cast: John Hartzel (captain/swing), Tristan Oshea, Terrance Popular, Daniel White, Malcom McMichael, Stephen Galberth, Tim Ottman

Photo by Bearlosophy

Photo by Bearlosophy


The LAB - powered by HP, designed and curated by

SO CLOSE - Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness


A Windmill Factory Production of a Michael Joseph McQuilken Film “So Close” starring Tyler Gilstrap and Andrew McMahon Music by Andrew McMahon In the Wilderness.

Choreography by Tyler Gilstrap

Featured Dancers: Alex Knapp, Suzanne Rzecznik, Steven Orrego Upegui, Talissa Bavaresco; Stunts by Jon Morris

Photos by Ana Constantino

Talissa is one of the four selected dancers performing in Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness' music video for his hit single "So Close".

The singer-songwriter reinvented himself with the in The Wilderness moniker, and is really just looking to have fun with his music videos
— Billboards

Give it Away - Joilynn Moves

Inspired by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Choreographer and Director JoiLynn produced "Give it Away", a short dance film in which Talissa had the pleasure to be part of.

Photos by Tiba Vieira

Photos by Tiba Vieira

Choreography, Direction, Editing: JoiLynn

Videography, Editing: Tiba Vieira


SYMBIOH with Humans Collective

Created by Lauren Cox, Founder and Artistic Director of Humans Collective, "SYMBIOH"  was a show with three manifestations (Dixon Place as part of Under Exposed (May 2016), Five Myles as an independent showing (July 2016), LPAC as part of their CUNY Dance Initiative, which Humans Collective was in residency with (September 2016)).

A thought-provoking journey inspired by symbiotic relationships and medieval architecture
— Lauren Cox for CityiLmits & Explore Brooklyn

Talissa danced alongside Brianna Mercado as "The Twins", one of the characters of Symbioh, performing as the openning or closing act (depending on which manifestation).                                                                                                                          Photos by J. Mulsen

Jazz Ain't Dead at Harlem Arts Festival 2016


Talissa had the pleasure of performing with Jazz Ain't Dead Dance Collective in collaboration with Jazz Ain't Dead Music Collective to bring Candice Michelle Franklin's work of "Afro Blues" to Harlem Arts Festival at the Marcus Garvey Park Amphitheater in the summer of 2016 in NYC. 

Direction and Choreography: Candice Michelle Franklin

Dancers: Ryan Albee, Lyndsey Arorash, Talissa Bavaresco, Autumn Bozak, Kendall Carter, Maria Andrea Castellanos Gomez, Starr Dee, Erica Johnson, Alexzandra Knapp, Danie Kurzman, Alexis Montoya, Steven Orrego Upegui, Rosalia Panepinto, Tori Roman-Secor.

Music Cast: Axel Laugart Tosca (Keys), Paul Beaudry (Bass),  Amaury Acostas (Drums), Jonathan Beshay (Saxophone), Joaquin Pozo (Congas), Rajdulari Barnes (Vocals), Billy Davis (Vocals), Kenyetta Coffee (Vocals)


Top Model Latina 2014

Talissa Bavaresco performed with Keep Rising to the Top (KR3T's) Dance Company at the Final Fashion Show for Top Model Latina 2014. The Fashion Show also had guest performances by puerto rican singer Frankie Negrón and bachata group 24 HORAS and the event awarded Veronica Montano as Top Model Latina 2014-2015.

Photos by Manny Zoom