"Calyx" was created in 2018, with excerpt showings at National Choreography Month (NACHMO) - NYC, at The Mark O'Donnell Theater at the Actors Fund and The Martha Graham Studio Theater. The full piece premiered at Dixon Place as part of '8 in Show' Series.

Photos by Peter Yesley and Jackson Krule

A contemporary piece merging the athleticism of modern dance with the lines of classical ballet, through innovative movement, elaborate layout and captivating story-line: An impossible romance breaking barriers of the metaphysical world, fighting against all odds to stay alive.

Original Cast: Michelle Palatucci, Caleb Patterson
Ensemble: Maayan Kadosh, Tommy Kirkland, Yvonne McCauley, Demetrious Reed, Zach Rondos, Mira Jayne Shuler, Charlie Wandron and Dana Zoon.


As Talissa's first solo exploration, "R(h)ush" allows the audience to take part in the delicate journey of one visiting its own mind and reliving past memories; A flashback, a Deja Vu, the subconscious and its power.

Choreographed in 2018, “R(h)ush” has performed multiple times around NYC including at the JCE Jazz Dance Project, Williamsburg Art Nexus - WAXworks, HATCH Presenting Series and Uptown Rising.

Photos: Michelle Palatucci                                                                                                                                     Videography: Emma Colton


“X I I” premiered as Talissa’s Graduating Piece at the Joffrey Ballet School on May, 2017. Since then, it has presented at DUMBO Dance Festival, The New York Jazz Choreography Project, Holi Hai Spring Colors Festival NYC and HATCH Presenting Series, to name a few.

Photos: Talissa Bavaresco

The work immerses you in the compelling trajectory of a Man and a Woman’s story, throughout the maturity of their love.

Original Cast: Alejandro Aristizábal Farah, Lyndsey Arorash, Angelina Barbosa, Aileen Carroll, Samantha Dentroux, Callie Hale, Danie Kurzman, Lauren Leach, Wilson Mayo, Demetrious Reed, Mikayla Robinson


"Equilibrium (The Battle)" Premiered on May 2016 at the Martha Graham Studio Theater. A cast of seven Men perform the reunion of different Deities coming together to establish the Equilibrium of forces that engine the human world. 

Original Cast: Ryan Albee, Alejandro Aristizábal, Paulo Gutièrrez, Steven Orrego Upegui, Caleb Patterson, Demetrious Reed, Tovi Wayne

Photos: Nina Wurtzel

MOMENTO MORI (excerpt)

Choreographed by Tyler Gilstrep, "Momento Mori" was commissioned by The Joffrey Ensemble in 2017, where Talissa had the honor to serve Miss Gilstrep as a dancer and Assistant Choreographer for her work


Photos: Nina Wurtzel


Original Cast: The Joffrey Ensemble

Excerpt: Talissa Bavaresco, Maria Castellanos, Genaro Freire, Addison Goodwin, Jonathan Leonard, Elisa Lodolini, Grace Puckett, Shiena Sugimura, Luisa Vilar

Music: Michael Sheelar